Sure-Pak MRE Meals Ready To Eat Case Pack Of 12 For Survival And Emergency

Sure-Pak MRE Meals Ready To Eat

Product Description:

Each Sure-Pak 12 Meal case contains 12 individual meal kitstwo each of six menus” which may include vegetarian options. Each meal kit contains an entre, side dish, dessert item, cracker or wheat bread and spread, beverage powder, and a condiment pack with a spoon, napkin, wet nap, salt, pepper, coffee, creamer and sugar. Sure-Pak 12 menus vary and can include these favorites: Beef Ravioli, Beef Stew, Cheese Omelet with Vegetables, Cheese Tortellini, Chili Macaroni, Grilled Chicken Breast, Chicken with Noodles, Meatloaf with Gravy, Penne Pasta with Veggie Sausage Crumbles, Sloppy Joes, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Vegetable Lasagna. This pack includes the flameless Heater. Sure-Pak Meals contain between 900 to 1,250 calories per meal, depending on the entre and individual components. A minimum of two meals per person per day is recommended for a 72-hour period.




Customer Reviews

Over the past few months I have become interested in disaster preparedness, especially since the blizzard of 09. As a result I went online and ordered a number of half cases of MREs to try with my family in the interest of determining which brands that I should purchase.

To do this I had all three members of my family taste each entrée and rate it on a four point scale: Check plus – very good, Check -acceptable to good, Check minus – I’d eat it, and X – I’d rather starve.

I also had everyone rate the general quality of the MRE on the same scale. This includes the raw amount of food, the overall quality of the side dishes (if any) and the sides, and the overall taste of the sides and snacks.

After eating MREs for the entire New Year’s three day weekend these Sopacs tied for first place with the A-Packs. (There was one MRE that did better then both of these, but they are almost impossible to find and are expensive because shipping is not included… Read More…

I’m no stranger to MRE’s. After 24 years in the military, I’ve used them a lot. I purchased a case to supplement my disaster preparedness supplies and found them to be exactly as I expected. These come from one of the same companies that packages MREs under Government contract. Good for short camping trips and emergencies. Just make sure you work up a sweat after eating them because they’re loaded with calories (and they’re supposed to be)! Throw out the coffee unless you need to be dehydrated…Read More…