About Us

“Camp Gear….the ultimate supplier of outdoor camping and hunting gears”.

Going for a camping or hunting trip is a popular hobby for the whole family across the globe. It is perfect for all ages and for all seasons. Whenever people going on one of these escapades, it is imperative to bring the right set of gears or a serious problem may occur. With the right set of gears, the whole trip will become a precious one.

With the extensive range of camping and hunting gears now available at several stores such as department stores, sporting goods stores and online, you can be spoiled with choices. Sometimes, it can also be overwhelming as you find it hard to compare the great features of one gear to the great features of the other.

Fortunately, Camp Gear has made a good innovation in terms of finding the right gear for you. Since 2004, Camp Gear has been online supplying individuals, teams and organizations with their need of camping and hunting gears. We do not only supply you with excursion gears, we also HELP you find the right one for you.

Our company is an established one that has built a strong relationship with our loyal patrons. With the wide assortment of camping and hunting gears available at our website, we see to it that their distinction and uniqueness will always be emphasized. This makes it easy for our customers to distinguish and determine what they really need and want.

Our Promise to You

We are pride and proud that for the past fruitful years of Camp Gear, we are still here in the business, serving hunters and campers no matter how tough the competition is, both offline and online. We know this has not been possible without everyone who believed in our items and our customer service. Hence, we guarantee to everyone that we will stop innovating for the better. We will keep on driving ourselves beyond our limits and normal duties just to serve the best for you!

For further details about our products or to make an order, just send us an email at admin@campinggearmart.com . We will do our best to respond to your queries and get back to you as soon as possible – usually within 48 hours.